Taipei Kingston Private School in Taipei city applications for two or three full time (part-time) faculty position available on August 30, 2023.

  1. Qualifications of application & basic conditions:
    • Nationality: A.English as native language (Must hold the passport of America, Canada, Britain).B. Acquiring Foreigners of the Republic of China nationality.
    • Educational Degree: a bachelor degree.
    • Teacher’s Certificate of Elementary School or ARC or APRC (Alien Permanent Resident Certificate )
    • English teaching experience in elementary schools.
    • No criminal proof of any crime within six months.


    • APRC (permanent residency) or ARC (relative) is preferred.
    • The work permit of the Republic of China is preferred.
    • Good ability in listening and speaking Chinese is preferred.
    • Familiar with K1-K12 English (American) course structure is preferred.

  2. Job Description:
    • The Term of Employment : August 1, 2023~July 31, 2024 (Term of Contract: Probation period is three months, renewed employment for great performance. School has the right to terminate the contract.
    • Grade of Students: Elementary School Grade 1-6 students
    • Content of Courses:
      Situational learning, English teaching, English presentation instructing, competition instructing, assessment, homework marking, teaching aids making, recording, material editing and substituting in an emergency.

  3. Basic Salary:
  4. Discuss in person.

  5. Insurance:
    • Provide labor / health insurance
    • Provide labor pension (Permanent residence for foreigners)

  6. Other Benefits:
  7. Full attendance bonus…etc

  8. Attatched Materials for application:
  9. Resume and autobiography

    Copy of ARC (Alien Resident Card)

    Copy of the highest degree certificate (or graduate diploma)

    Copy of teacher’s certificate (If available)

    Proof of achievement (such as rewards record ) or Proof of speciality.

  10. Remarks:
  11. Provide subsidies for full-time foreign English teachers (employed from abroad):

    • Round trip economy class ticket.
    • Rent allowance.
    • Special person to help adapt to life in Taiwan.

  12. Contact:
  13. Address: No. 12, Ning An Rd.Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    Tel: (02) 25706767 EXT. 611

    Fax: (02)2579-4115